Hygiene By Careen is a mobile dental hygiene practice serving smiles of people of all ages either in the comfort of your own home, office, long term care facilities, schools, community health centers, and hospitals.

We follow the core values of C.A.R.E. :
C: CARE for your smile with comprehensive dental hygiene care
A: Accessibility to comprehensive dental hygiene care
R: Revitalize your oral health and overall health through comprehensive dental hygiene care in remote areas
E: Enhance your oral health, smile and wellness through excellent dental hygiene care

Mobile Oral Hygiene Therapy is directed to help :
Busy families, business individuals, clients with mobility issues, disability issues, and seniors.

Hygiene By Careen is equipped with portable, mobile dental equipment that is used all over the world offering a remote, mobile, portable efficient way to access dental hygiene care and deliver comprehensive oral hygiene care.

We use all the proper PPE and universal health precautions and proper sterilization techniques.

Our Vision: To C.A.R.E for our clients by delivering comprehensive, accessible dental hygiene care in remote areas and enhance our overall wellness. We want take care of our clients one smile at a time with the future of miles of healthy smiles.

No Drills, No Fills, No High Bills